Identity Rebranding 


"Thanks so much! You made this process very smooth and we ended with a lot of great products to use."

Spencer Doman


Established in 1955, Doman International has been working with the parents of children who have special needs. The Institutes is internationally known for its pioneering work in child brain development and for its programs to help brain-injured children achieve wellness and well children achieve excellence.

We teach and empower parents to help their kids. The best way for parents to learn from our team of child development experts and develop a treatment plan for their child is to attend our parent training course: "The Doman Method: From Special Needs to Wellness".

The idea of combining a tree and a brain to symbolize brain and growth development seemed to go hand in hand. The logo felt natural to create, clean to the eye and easy for application.

"We wanted to show growth in a new way. This approach lead to a series of logos and the creative process was explored on every corner. We went for simplicity, and concentrated our efforts on a typographic design that paired well with the mark." 

Doman International MacBook-Pro MockupDoman International MacBook-Pro Mockup
Doman International Print AdDoman International Print Ad