Happy Belly Brwing Co.

Brand Identity / Beer Label Design 


"Justin has been an incredible asset in the promotion of our beer. He was professional, and presented a number of ideas and designs to ensure we were happy with the advertising and marketing. Justin’s branding has been quintessential to creating an image for our beer and helped establish our name as a local brewery. We look forward to enlisting his services for our future advertising needs."
Josh A.


We Make Beer. Damn Good Beer. 

The history of Happy Belly Brewing Co. is pretty straight forward, they love to make beer and they are damn good at it. Master Brewer, Joshua, needed to give his great tasting beer a new facelift. From starting in the basement making homebrews for friends and family, his passion has now expanded to a full blown brewery. 

Joshua reached out to Nowak Creative Studio for beer branding:

"I want people to taste my beer and be like, Damn...that is one good beer."
– Joshua A. 

We expressed the need for the brand to be simple and clean. We agreed that the beer industry is so congested with new competition, that it was important for him to have a good looking identity that will really stand out. Joshua presented the name Happy Belly Brewing Company, and we immediately got to work. 


"Our passion for beer and our attitude for brewing it really stems from the peoples joy and reactions right after prohibition had ended."