Update the existing Dudnyk website to refelct the more dynamic and exciting side that we bring to the Pharma industry.


I was responsible for the look and feel (Art Director) of each page for the Dudnyk site. Working directly with a DEV team and the Studio Creative Director, Whtiney Bender, we were able to create a unique site that stands out in the Pharma industry. The team and I worked on the UX / UI of the site adding in a level of sophistication with lazy loading visuals and text, all lined up with scrolling. I also played a major part in most of the projects that are featured on the live site. 


“We leverage strategic, scientific, and highly creative capabilities to serve our clients in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Dudnyk offers a unique culture, fosters individual career growth, and promotes collaboration among all disciplines.”

Chris Tobias, President of Dudnyk